TCM For Stress Course is Complete

Written by Thursday, 29 June 2017

The TCM for Stress course is finally complete! Thank you to everyone for your patience. We've been working very hard to put in all of the final edits, subtitles, and last touches. Premium members can login to view and download the lessons. Since we are currently on hold and not accepting new memberships through the website, please contact us if you would like access.

Instructed by Lisa B. O’Shea, this course reviews theory and exercises on how to use Qìgōng to alleviate the negative effects of stress. Lisa walks you through a basic Qìgōng set that focuses on the Liver & Gallbladder and Stomach & Spleen.

Lisa has been practicing Qìgōng for over 20 years, is a Certified Qìgōng therapist, and currently the only qualified YMAA Qìgōng Master.

Click here to go to the course now.

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