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Written by Saturday, 15 April 2017

Many people experience stress on a regular basis and are aware of the mental, emotional, and physical toll it can take on the body. People may suffer problems such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, insomnia, hair loss, weakened immune systems, and turn to aggressive behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and other harmful escapes1. Not only does it affect us as individuals, but it can also greatly affect those who are closest to us.

We, at Shining Link, are martial arts and Qigong students with full schedules who are also working hard to expand the catalogue for our devoted subscribers. We understand what it means to be stressed.

Lisa B. O’Shea (Certified Qigong Master and Qi Healer) is a longtime Qigong student of Dr. Yang’s and an annual guest at the YMAA Retreat Center. During her last visit, she volunteered her time and expertise to share Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remedies for dealing with stress.

The TCM for Stress course will introduce the basic TCM theory on how to rebalance the body and reduce the harmful effects of stress. Lisa explains how stress affects our organ system and teaches a simple Qigong exercise and tips for dietary adjustments. Learn an easy and natural way to alleviate your mind and body. The course lessons will be released in the upcoming weeks.

The free introduction video for TCM for Stress is now available!

About Lisa B. O’Shea

Originally a Chemical Engineer, Lisa B. O’Shea began her path in the healing arts with certification in Reiki and Hypnotherapy in 1988. These modalities were added to as she began studying Qigong and Tai Chi in 1994 and soon became a Certified Qigong Therapist through the Chinese Healing Arts Center with Master T.K. Shih. Lisa has been studying with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in Boston since 1997 and was the first of his students to received Master Certification in Qigong through his school, YMAA. In 1998 she created the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester in Western NY where she offers classes as well as a full time private practice in Qigong Healing.

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